Internationally compliant patent drawings for the USPTO, PCT,
WIPO, EPO and more.

Our drawings are configured using a combination of rules from several countries and International Patent Organizations. The result: LOWER COSTS during the national phase of your international applications. How? Because our patent drawings will pass in the US and internationally without any alteration - except for removal/translation of English text when required.

Design patents - a specialty
We are design patent drawing experts. Utilizing our 35 years of experience, we will help you obtain the broadest possIble protection for your client and/or design. No job (and no perspective) is too difficult for our talented patent illustration staff. CAD drawings, photos, engineering drawings, models, and actual objects are all acceptable source materials. Shading and phantom lines are easily removed for those countries that donít accept them. And for international design filers - weíre familiar with the new Hague Agreement for International Registration of Industrial Designs.

Design patents - photographic
When time or budget does not permit drawings, many countries allow the submission of photos for design applications. Draftinc maintains a complete professional photographic studio on premises, enabling us to skillfully photograph perspective and plan views of products with little or no distortion, while meeting the requirements of patent organizations. After shooting your photos, our expert digital artists will isolate the views on a white background and then remove limiting features enabling broader claims.

Color drawings
Sometimes your drawings require color (must be petitioned for and submitted in triplicate in hard copy form). Draftinc can create full color patent drawings and then print them using our archival color printers.

Trademark drawings
Our huge library of typefaces enables us to match most fonts - eliminating the need for redrawing a logo. We can deliver trademarks in jpeg or gif formats for electronic filing, or in pdf or print for hard copy filing.

Courtroom Presentation Graphics and Expert Witness
When litigation cannot be avoided, Draftinc can help. Utilizing our 35+ years of patent drawing expertise, we have acted as an expert witness to interpret drawings and testify about the quality and integrity of suspect drawings. If images and graphics are needed for support in the courtroom, you can rely on us to create graphics that clearly communicate your message and support your case.

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